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There's no place like home and no home without a homie

nothin' like a homie, only the homies know me, do you know me


Follow the yellow brick and skip through the poppies

rubies and emeralds and 2 mill in copies, but would you cop these?


A group of new friends and she's still clickin her shoes

back from over the rainbow with her little dog too

is this like you?


What is paradise if not home to you?

What is a pear like when skies aren't blue?


Reaching for the rosebud of yesterday's dream

runnin Thursday’s sled on saturday's steam,

another stitch in the seam


Charles walks with a kane to foster esteem

talks of his pain in one word it would seem

a thought to redeem


If winter is coming, does it matter who's king?

Isn't it something, to share laughter and sing?

Jump and take wing


Sure I'm anecdotal but you need a little antidote

Tell of Quetzalcoatl, from folly find a bit uh hope

yuh lit the dope


Maybe take walk in search of pikachu tonight

I'd rather be a snorlax and nap while I fight

that sounds alright


Oh, what an Oddysey for homer to write

he's a simple oddity with a blue haired wife

we gave them life


Cyclops'll blind with his one way fright

triceratops behind, and you can't turn right

one eye's sight


pigs are really people if you use a different light

dogs are herding sheeple to the fuse with a fight

are you gonna bite?


Yuh play yer tick tack toe

with your knicnk knack tho

but your wick's wack bro

for the quick black crow's

got your pick jack yo

just a flick back show

tell me all that you know

give me all of your dough

eh, here we go, new flow


what is a way if it's lost

if because it could stay it was tossed

if the cut in the clay was embossed

would the put for the pay still exhaust

if it's taught to behave like the moss


would the hot in the fray be as cross

if the lot got a lay and got sauced

rang a song and got lost

sang along, pentecost


Wether it's jesus and judas or potter and petigrew

they'll see this and do this, it's the tale I'm tellin you, now I said it too


Scrooge and the grinch stealing all of your gifts away

but his heart in a pinch grew three sizes that day


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