"What?" becomes a bird

“What?” said the What, and so it was,

without an answer, or a simple because;

But it had a direction, in the nick of now,

a soft reflection that led to How.


“What?” said the How.

“How?” said the What.

And this left them both thinking – “ but ...”

Then, “When?” said the What and the How together.

And, “Why?” replied the When, in the nick of forever.


Nobody had an answer, but they all held hands

and skipped in a direction that no one'd planned.

Plenty more joined, Would and Could,

and they all led the way to a tentative Should.


This may all seem very strange, but it really happened, and someone was watching, from the unwitting omnipotence of the cognitive dormant. He was so enthralled with the bizarre play that he'd forgotten himself; and this was just the beginning of the play, mind you. By the middle, there were millions of questions, and by the end there was a bird. Yes, a bird. How do questions become a bird? Well, that's the question he awoke with. 'What?' had led the way to a living, breathing, flapping, bird. He'd watched it happen, yet, it's hard to recount something of such expanse, especially when the roadmap is made of dreamscape – it's so durable and pliable, such the perfect material at night; if only it didn't dissolve in daylight.


An excerpt from The Book of Ed